Rebuilding foundations.

Helping our youth find hope after divorce.

Divorce and separation can be very hard on teens. 

One House creates faith-based workshops designed for teens, ages 11-19, dealing with the lasting effects of divorced or separated unmarried parents. Taking our teens through a series of topics that acknowledge and validate their feelings, we provide tools and resources in a safe space that aid in healing and create necessary family conversations.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure divorce is not a roadblock for our teens' futures.  We want our teens to navigate successfully in spite of their broken homes.

We are helping teens take back their confidence and find hope in their new normal. Broken homes can take a toll and make it hard for teens to navigate through life. With a new view of their lives and ability to articulate their feelings, our teens are able to work on personal development and continue pursuing the lives they were called to live.


Why One House?

  1. Partnering with One House is a great way to connect the current members of your school, church, or organization.
  2. One House will attract your neighboring community, as divorce and separation affect many families. It’s a great way to expand the membership of your school, church, or organization.
  3. You can’t cover all topics, contract this one out to an organization that was called to pursue this mission!
  4. One House strives to bridge the gap in families and create necessary conversation. Family structure is the foundation of any individual. When we can view things from a place of wholeness, we are able to work on other areas of our lives. One House is the gateway to possibilities and can help to increase your mission.

Let’s work together!   


Become a Partner, Sponsor or Donor.


Become a Partner.

Receive research data collected and referrals for our teens, in your area, seeking next steps, such as: therapy/counseling, mentors, support groups, etc.


Further the mission and be part of the change!

Become a Sponsor.

Sponsor a Workshop for a church, school or nonprofit. Receive updates of what’s new with One House and be part of the change happening in so many families.