Our Mission

One House’s goal is to step in and provide a safe space to help our teens articulate and make sense of those feelings that follow their parents' divorce or separation. Around the age of 11, adolescents dealing with traumatic events such as divorce or separation, begin to internalize their feelings. As they are still developing and gaining maturity, they do not hold the capacity to adequately handle such events by themselves. 


At One House, we...

Make it small and take back our power

Without invalidating their feelings, we create a better understanding which allows our teens to navigate life in spite of uncontrollable situations.

Create community for our teens

It’s important that our teens do not feel alone. We want our teens to feel the power in community and tackling problems together.

Lean into better outlets and establish healthy habits

We plug our teens into next steps, so that their progress continues.

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"It took me 16 years, but it doesn't have to take you that long."

— Unique, One House Founder


One House creates faith-based workshops designed for teens, ages 11-19, dealing with the lasting effects of divorced or separated unmarried parents. One House takes our teens through a series of topics that acknowledge and validate their feelings. We provide tools and resources in a safe space that aid in healing.

Divorce and separation effect the behaviors, moods, and short & long-term relationships of teens. When handled with care, healing is possible.

At One House, we use a support group-like setting to further emphasize to our teens that they are not alone. But also, that there is power in community and tackling problems together. Our teens leave with confidence, hope and a more positive view of their futures, from a place of wholeness.